Some Reasons We Chose the iPad

  1. Tablets are the best way to show textbooks

  2. Classrooms are ready for tablets

  3. Fits Students' lifestyles

  4. Thousands of inexpensive and free apps for students individualization on

  5. The iPad is user-friendly; it's easy to move throughout the desktop

  6. No hardware attachments needed, and if so, very few - unlike using a laptop/PC - which makes the iPad less cumbersome.

  7. Items are automatically saved, typically, rather than having to go through 'save as.....''

  8. It's faster - better internet connection in more places

  9. It's not time consuming to log in/get started - unlike using a laptop/PC.

  10. The display is the perfect size to allow for involved projects and assignments, as opposed to the iPhone.

  11. It encourages organization - less folders, textbooks, binders, to travel with and possibly lose.

  12. Easy to organize apps into folders.

  13. Books, books, and more books to read (ibooks!) - many for free!

  14. Storage of information is less cumbersome now. The 'cloud' will change this even more.

    "Jam packed fun in a box" apple_ipad_box.jpg