Here are some comments from teachers and students that you may find enlightening and helpful.

No Names will be used to protect the INNOCENT!!!

IT Facilitator:
I am increasingly amazed how quickly students have figured out how to use multiple apps when creating a project. I watched a Keynote presentation on how to beat the first level of Angry Birds by using the correct angles. The student used, Angry Birds, Keynote, the Camera, Screenshot, and, Neu-Annotate.

I downloaded several new apps today for the iPad kids. Some of them didn't get all of the apps and of course they immediately emailed me. I went to a teacher's room to sync their iPads. H was working on a review with the students. He had shared a document with the students on finding angles of polygons and then sent it as an email (PDF) to the iPad kids. The kids then opened it in either notability or neu.annotate. Some used the side as a sketch pad to do the calculations while others switched back and forth from the annotate app and the calculator app. I suppose what impressed the most was how easily this was integrated into what they "do" as a part of their math class.

Not only has he developed and implemented activities for the iPad students to use those 21st Century Skills we were hoping for but he has also integrated the use of the iPad into those everyday aspects of his class.

TEACHER: Says thank you for the iPad cart. They have never been so engaged!

PRINCIPAL: I was in the doorway for almost 4 min and none of the students looked up to see me standing there. One of the students is a repeat 7th grader who has said he isn't doing anything this year. He was totally engaged in the Grammar Dragon app. Prior to him seeing me, he let out a little "yay" when he beat his level.

STUDENT: Yea I know I have to be patient....

PRINCIPAL: During a few observations, seeing the kids use these devices to extend their learning and demonstrate what they know in a different way was exciting.

4th Grade Student: iPads are so much better than computers. Thank goodness we have these to learn on. My favorite apps are Photo Booth and Tiny Zoo.

4th Grade Student: I like the iPads better than computers. I love looking through the App Store. Photo Booth is one of my favorite apps.

4th Grade Student: The iPads make everything fun! Even MATH!

4th Grade Student: Through the app, Stack the States, I learned how very nice the USA is.

4th Grade Student: iPads make it fun to learn and proactice math and other subjects because it has games.