The Best iPad Sites

By no means are these the only iPad Sites. They are, however, ones that we use all the time...

By Far this is a site we use the most...

iPad Educators: This Ning is outstanding and is a one stop shop!

Apple iPad Education: This is Apple's site which give a good overview of what Apple offers for the iPad.

Learning and Teaching with iPads: This site has a great blog that you can subscribe to.

New Apps to Try

From Sheila Burris- Principal of the Middle School
As new things come up, I'm trying to keep a list with a brief description to make it easier for all of you to review/find new apps. Some of these came from a recent article I read and also the Apple catalog. We can discuss these at our 1/2 day session on the 23rd. If you like any of them, we certainly can get them.

Clinometer - app for measuring the level of a wall, precise angles of incline and decline. Use with Angry birds
Slide Shark - converts power point presentations
Fieldnotes LT- allows notes of observations, it attaches date, time GPS location and photographs what is being observed
Assemblee- with iPads in same network but in different locations, students can create a collaboration web to share findings and discuss conclusions about different perspectives of same project.
TourWrist - allows students 360 degree views -- "tours" of locations of interest throughout the world.
Mendelev- will organize their research documents and let them take their research done on their computers with them, wherever they are going.
Lasers Free - game
Train yard EX - game

From the Apple catalog

Mitosis - science - interactive - walks you through process of cell division
WolframAlpha - get answers, access expert knowledge, it's like having a geek in your pocket $2.99
Project Noah - amazing way to share your wildlife encounters and help document our planet's biodiversity
Numberline- learn about fractions, decimals, and percents by ordering equivalent fractions, decimals and percents on number line.