Mr. O'Neal's iPad Page

iPad Classes of 2011-2012


We are so excited in 4th grade to be bringing 21st center learning into the classroom with our iPad initiative. We are looking forward to doing projects and reinforcing learning with technology.

Sep: Students are so excited to use the iPads. I demonstrated how to turn them on and off, set the volume, navigate the screens, and use them safely. Then I turned them loose to explore! I want them to be comfortable using the iPad. Many loved to use the Rocket Math app. Others were learning how to create and modify pictures with Photo Booth and Camera. Still others were "Searching the World" with Google Earth. Stack the States is a popular way to learn about geography. A few musicians were rockin' with Garage band.

Oct: We used the iPads to practice multiplication facts and place value using Rocket Math, Speedo Math, Math Master, and Multiply Wiz. The iPads are great for math centers and preparing students for upcoming math concepts! Several students used Grammar Dragon and an Idioms app to refresh their grammar skills and spice up their personal narratives. We are accessing background information on the non-fiction texts we're reading in class: medicines that come from plants, pioneers in medicines, and our federal government. Since students lack background in these topics, the iPad makes an excellent tool for students to use to gain some background information before reading.

Nov & Dec: We used the iPads to access Scholastic's website for children and vote for President. The students enjoyed learning about voting and actually voting. We'll check the votes later to see how we compared with America's adult voters.

Students are continuing to use the iPads for math practice, grammar practice, and researching to gain background information for the non-fiction texts we read in small groups. Some of the reserach topics were the Galapagos Islands, our Constitution, and the Battle of Saratoga. I'm amazed at some of the information students are accessing on subjects such as ancient Egypt, Transcontinental Railroad, our solar system, South America, early America, animal habitats, and so much more. We are accessing, sharing, and learning so much more about our world thanks to the iPad!

Our big endeavor is creating a book report summary using the app Toontastic. I haven't seen their creative efforts yet, but I'm looking forward to watching their productions soon. I hope we can get the dongle and extension cord so students can show their creations to the entire class on our Smartboard.