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iPad Classes of 2011-2012

This is my second year with the iPads and I absolutely love having them in my classroom! This year we have 7 iPads in the classroom at all times. Teachers are also able to use a cart that travels around the school if they would like to have the entire class complete a lesson or assignment. Students are continuing to use these excellent instruments during centers to practice various skills, research information, as well as complete their Accelerated Reader Tests, to earn points.

The iPads have really added an exciting dynamic to the overall learning experience. During the first marking period, students familiarized themselves with how to use the iPads and established a list of rules when using them. The variety of applications they have been using, help build on their grammar, reading ability, and mental math skills.

The second marking period student were able to a bit more research in discovering information out about their research topic that they are writing about. They then took their research and put together a presentation application, call Keynote (there are some examples below). Once the students were finished composing their presentations, they then emailed them to their teacher to be graded and presented them to the group. Students have also utilized the iPads during Math Centers to reinforce both multiplication and division. Students are becoming more and more comfortable with these excellent tools. During Language Arts Centers, students practice various skills such as, fluency, comprehension, and extend beyond the texts to build more knowledge a particular focus. Students also continue to take Accelerated Reader quizzes, which measure their comprehension on the current chapter books they are reading.

In the near future, students will be able to design a postcard to their Pen-pals in California, telling them about a famous person from N.J. Also students will do a book report on the novel "Fourth Grade Rats" by using iMovie in which they will compose a short film, telling the audience the basic plot of the book, as well as their opinion.

It is an exciting and wonderful time to be a 4th grader at Penn Beach Elementary, where students are able to sharpen their 21st century learning skills each week, that will ultimately help them succeed both in and out of school. Please keep checking back for updates and thanks you for your interest.

Check out this video of iPads in the classroom - iPads in the Classroom

Below are some samples of some recent presentations some of the students created on their current research topic. There are two different formats. The first one is in Keynote (the original application that was used to create the presentation). This can be viewed on an iPad, iPod Touch, iPod Mini, etc. The second format is for PowerPoint which you could view on most PC's, as long as you have the updated software. Enjoy!

George Washington by Jaydon

George Washington by Jaydon PPT

Independence Hall by Zach - Keynote

Independence Hall by Zach - PPT

Betsy Ross by Kadee - Keynote

Betsy Ross by Kadee - PPT

Fort Mott by Lacey - Keynote

Fort Mott by Lacey - PPT

The U.S. Capitol Building by Evan - Keynote

The U.S. Capitol Building by Evan - PPT

The following links are Room 130's movie trailers for 4th Grade Rats. These came out really great!

Samantha Atkinson

Sam Brown

Ethan Campbell

Katie Cooksey

Crystal Dyer

Trevor Faris

Lacey Francisco

Evan Greene

Kyrsten Henderson

Zachary Humphreys

Aidan Kearney

Jaydon Morris

Kadee Thomas

Lily Veasy

Raiven Venuto

Gwen Wilson