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iPad Classes of 2011-2012

Welcome to Miss Reilly’s 1:1 iPad Class

2012-2013 School Year

The class and their iPads!

I am so excited to have 22 iPads in the classroom this year. The students LOVE them! We use them daily in the classroom to do a variety of learning activities. This page will be a valuable resource for students, parents/guardians, teachers and administrators. It will let you know what we are doing with our iPads.


This is a picture of the students using their iPads in the classroom.

September- Students received their iPads and were thrilled! We began to learn the basics of the iPad, the proper way to handle them, where to store them and how to use them. We went on apps for reinforcement in Math, Social Studies and Science.

October- During October, we became more familiar with the iPads. We completed a Social Studies web quest on New Jersey. We searched facts, symbols and historic places in New Jersey. Students used their iPads daily to reinforce math skills.

November- During November students used the iPad to create a book report on a chosen A.R. book. They then wrote a written report to go along with it. We began to use the iPad daily to research topics that were being discussed in class. The Students began to make an iMovie in Music class about their personal narrative. We were introduced the PostCard app and students sent me a postcard. I also began emailing the students every day their morning work and their routine for the day. The students are becoming very familiar with emailing. Below is a sample of a student’s book report. We used the app: Book Report

photo (2).PNG

December: During the month of December, Mr. Reilley, came in to Mrs. Chambers and Miss Reilly's class to demonstrate to the students how to use KeyNote. The students are going to be using KeyNote for their Marking Period 2 Book Report. They will create a KeyNote based on their book that they are reading. Below are some pictures of Mr.Reilley presenting to the students.
Mr.Reilley talking to the students about KeyNote

December- continued.. We are researching other countries and how they celebrate Christmas and the Holiday Season. Students used google to locate information and then they are creating a KeyNote about their countries. All students have a different country. We are having so much fun learning about new countries and their traditions!

Students are working on their "Christmas around the world" projects. They are researching on their iPads.

A student working on their iPad.


Below is a link of the students music videos. They created them in my classroom and Mrs. Wardell's classroom!

Music Video Projects


January: After winter break, the students could not wait to get back to using their iPads on a regular basis. During the month of January we really were engaged in our learning through the iPads. Some of the projects/activities we completed using the iPad during the month of January was: a Keynote presentation for their marking period two book report project. They created two postcards. One was to act like they were living on another planet and to send a postcard to planet Earth. The second postcard they created was imagining they went to college at Princeton University and to write someone at home a letter. We also did research about a assigned president. This helped students construct their Informational Reports. They have been doing such an AMAZING job with the iPads. I am very proud of how far we have come.