Welcome to the PMHS 9th grade 1-1 iPad Pilot Program

We are happy to announce that the 2012-13 school year will have added an 1-1 iPad Pilot Initiative. Thanks to the grand success of the 6th Grade 1-1 Pilot, we were given the go-ahead to begin a 1-1 initiative at the high school.This program will look very much like the 6th grade's. Students will be issued an iPad and will use it as the main digital device in each of their main subject areas. Teachers and students alike will be given training on how to incorporate apps into their everyday school work.

Students were chosen randomly and parents are required to be active participants as well. We know from other pilots that getting the parents involved is an important ingredient for success, Below are the teachers who were chosen for the 9th grade pilot. They will have a page on this wiki for you to follow their progress.

English-- Alison Hyland
Social Studies- Adam Slusher
Science- Jennifer DuBarry-Paul
Math- Colleen Fulmer.