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Dear Parents and Students of the 2013-2014 High School iPad Pilot,

All of the faculty members and administration are looking forward to an exciting year with the first iPad Pilot group at the high school.

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The goals of the iPad are program are as follows (www.ipadinschools.com):
  • Increase academic rigor and relevance in the classroom
  • Use the iPad and its many functions to differentiate instruction in the classroom
  • Engage the students in a variety of learning activities from bell to bell
  • Encourage students to collaborate with each other
  • Create projects and develop new ideas
  • Develop skills and strategies to promote critical thinking and advance problem solving
  • Celebrate students' successes in using 21st century skills

Students, Parents, and Teachers please feel free to email me at anytime to share students' projects at abusillo@psdnet.org