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We are currently working on a soundtrack project. After choosing a book, students pick songs that capture the mood of specific scenes that take place within the book. Students then have to use text to explain why their chosen songs are appropriate.

Games that are allowed to be played in my class when students have very specific permission from me: PopWords, Missing Link, 7Words, Hooked on Words, Letris, Word Search, Words to Words, Word Tree 3D, Letterpress, and WordsWorth


After reading folk tales, students completed a research project in groups. They worked together to research a culture of the world (I provided the options.) and present their findings to the class. Also, they were charged with the task of creating a skit based on their culture's folk tale and enacting that skit for the class.


Because guided reading groups and independent activities will be employed throughout the school year, it was important that I spend a chunk of time acclimating the kids (and myself) to what guided reading will actually look like in my room.

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